In celebration our member hotel no 4000, the elegant 4-star Grand Hotel Reykjavik, Hotel Express International and partners Iceland Express, Hertz Iceland and Grand Hotel Reykjavik are giving away 3 fabulous prizes! 
Doesn't spending some time near active volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, portentous peaks and vast lava deserts sound like the ultimate experience? Now is YOUR chance to WIN A 1 WEEK FREE HOLIDAY IN EXOTIC ICELAND! Just answer our questions below to enter the drawing. 

This thrilling adventure features 1 weeks accommodation and flights* to Reykjavik.
Explore this mysterious region and see for yourself why Iceland has been proclaimed 
one of the natural wonders of the world!

Steeped in Saga tales and Viking history, Iceland is a place of youthfulness and adventure for all ages. Experience the thrill of traveling through rough lavascapes that swell around volcanoes and steaming, sulphurous geysers. Witness whales and dolphins; ride snowmobiles across glaciers; and travel by kayak, land, air and sea to experience Iceland's natural and cultural treasures. Apart from an expansive landscape and stunning natural features, it also has a rich history, literature and folklore tradition. Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, is unlike any other European city. Not only is this city the world's northernmost capital, it's also one of the newest, having established itself only in the late 19th century, boasting all the trappings of a modern European city as well as being a charming old town. 


Here's your chance to win, simply answer the following questions:

q In how many countries does Hotel Express have member hotels?
Approx.  95  Approx. 100  Approx. 135  Approx. 150

q When was Hotel Express International first founded?
1978  1987  1997  2001

q What is the name of Iceland Express three destinations?
Keflavik, Stansted, Kastrup Egilsstađir, Berlin, Heathrow
Oslo, Kastrup, Paris             Kastrup, Keflavik, New York

q Where are the Head offices of Iceland Express?
Copenhagen Reykjavík London Oslo

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q How many Hertz sales offices are there in Iceland and where is the head office located?
3, Akureyri 5, Egilstadir 7, Reykjavik 9, Keflavik

q What is the capital of Iceland?
Keflavik Reykholt Reykjavik Húsavík

1. prize includes:                                                                                        
Round-trip airfare for two with Iceland Express from London or Copenhagen, 1 week hotel stay for two at 4* Grand Hotel in Reykjavik, incl. breakfast,  1 week rental car from Hertz (unlimited milage, car type: Toyota Avenzis), 1 year FREE membership to Hertz #1 Golden Club plus all taxes. Value approx. US$ 4000.

2. prize includes:  
Round-trip airfare for two with Iceland Express from London or Copenhagen and 1 year FREE membership to Hertz #1 Golden Club plus all taxes.

3. prize includes:

Round-trip airfare for two with Iceland Express from London or Copenhagen and 1 year FREE membership to Hertz #1 Golden Club plus all taxes.


Please fill in your contact details below. Closing date for entries is 8 August 2003. Winners will be chosen at random and the draw will take place in front of an independent observer. The winners will be notified by e-mail and announced in the August issue of our Travel newsletter. The holiday must be taken within 12 months of the drawing. 

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