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"In my over 30 years in business, I have made many good deals. However Hotel Express is surely one of the smartest!."  

P.G - Stockholm - Sweden


I am always impressed by the way Hotel Express staff organise my bookings so efficiently, meeting my needs exactly with no fuss. I have had some bookings made for business trips to London through another organisation, and the service was nowhere near the quality of service provided by Hotel Express International.

Michael McEwan, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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I am very glad that our company have joined the Hotel Express program and I highly recommend it to everybody. We received a great access to various levels of worldwide hotels which are available for us even at the last moment, at a great discount of sometimes reaching 50% of cost of great and popular hotels.

We have received a great proven service from the Israeli team that become the first choice of hotel reservations of our company which has all its business is worldwide.

Avraham Rosenbach, Personeta, Israel

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I'm in my second year of being a Hotel Express Member and it was a wise decision. I have enjoyed the comfort of knowing that I have a good hotel waiting for me at the other end of a long flight with the added bonus of obtaining it for well below market rate!

It is much more convenient than surfing for late rooms or last minute deals and well worth the annual membership fee.

Bryan Mower, GRAX Designers Limited, London

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We have used your service for just over 1 year and have found it to be a very good cost saving tool which requires minimum fuss. We have 6 staff members listed with yourselves, and our local MD and myself have found the service to be exceptionally good, especially for local travel. We have never had a booking rejected and have managed to get into the hotels we have wanted. With travel accommodation at half price no company should be without membership to Hotel Express.

Kind regards
Thorbjorn Ottesen - National Sales & Marketing Manager
Raflatac South Africa

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"Our company has been a member of Hotel Express since 1990 and have today about 70 cards. Last year, we found that we saved about 1 million Swedish Kroner, by being a member of Hotel Express. Our employees are travelling within Sweden as well as abroad".  Harrieth Wigström -  Ravema AB (Sweden)

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"In January 2002 we made our first reservation using Hotel Express for one of our international employees for one month’s stay in a Rosebank hotel. Our savings over this period totaled in excess of R 5000 compared to the best corporate rates available at the time. This saving equated to a 330% return on investment for the first month’s membership, proving that the initial investment was worthwhile.

Another of our employees will soon be traveling to the Far East spending a night in Bangkok and one in Hong Kong again saving the company approximately R 2500, contributing to a third of the cost of the airfare.

As we are all aware the cost of international travel has become increasingly more expensive and we are all looking at reducing costs. Since being in business for 30 years I can honestly say that I have encountered few products producing these kinds of returns for my business resulting in significant savings."
br/> John Flach, MD, Reed Business Information, South Africa

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"In our company most of the travelling personnel use the Hotel Express Card. It pays off fast and it is a smart solution to decrease your travel expenses. I would highly recommend it for both business and private travel. The system is easy and works well. You will save many times the amount you paid for the card already after using it for a few days. In other words – good stuff!” Peeter Maspanov, Chairman of the Board, Tallinn Tram & Trolleybus Company (Estonia)

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Thanks, thanks, thanks! What else can I say? I have been a member of Hotel Express since 1994. I have been working as an agent for various foreign companies, a job involving frequent travelling and hotel stays both in Sweden and abroad. I can easily state that thanks to the Hotel Express discount I have been able to save about SEK 50,000 every year. In my over 30 years in business, I have made many good deals. However Hotel Express is surely one of the smartest! That’s why, using my Hotel Express card makes me feel smart too…..!!! May 2001 P.G., Stockholm (Sweden)

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I got to know about Hotel Express a couple of years ago, during one of my abroad travels. My local contacts were always paying half of the price I was for the accommodation. This was a surprise to me and I have to admit that I was a little bit jealous too. We were staying at the same hotel and having same kinds of room…still different price. At the beginning of 2001, I was finally able to subscribe for a membership – online! I have done three travels so far, and I have already saved more than € 1000 on my hotel bills. I went to Scandinavia, Estonia and U.S.A. – all places where I was able to find a nice hotel granting me the discount of 50%! Thank you, Hotel Express! May 2001 P.L., Milano (Italy)

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I have 9000 good reasons for having this card; Half-price hotel rooms? Worldwide? I smelled something fishy. Was it worth NOK 1100 to expose the whole thing as a scam? What if the only hotels in the program are named the Cockroach Inn and located a 2-hour hike west of Dullsville? Should I take a chance? 

I did, and called the booking office. I asked for a room at a hotel in London where I had paid £ 150 per night the week before. I had barely placed the receiver when the fax rang and the fishy smell disappeared. Same hotel, half price of last week!

These days when I’m in London, saving GBP 80 to 140 per night, I can lean back and dream about 9000 different places to spend those savings. All of them have three letters and most have a dart- board on the wall. I’ve stopped overspending in my sleep. I prefer spending my money while I’m awake!

Study Hotel Express’ list of participating hotels. Find your location. Call Hotel Express with your choices and wait for your confirmation by phone or fax. Travel. Locate the hotel. Show the receptionist your card and state your name. Voila! A 50% discount.

If you don’t have a Hotel Express card, you’ll have to take your chances. Be warned, though. It is highly unlikely that a bright smile or even a tearful plea will get you much of a discount.

Morten Gray, Gray Connexion As - member since 1996, (Norway) 

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Hotel Express welcomes feedback from members and participating hotels. So if you have any - good or bad, please send us an e-mail by clicking here.

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