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"Last year, we found that we saved about 1 million Swedish Kroner by being members of Hotel Express." 

Harrieth Wigström - Ravema AB - Sweden 


You easily become a member either by filling in our online form or calling or faxing the Hotel Express office in your country giving your personal details. If you choose to register online, you simply fill in the form as it appears on your screen.

You will then soon receive a personalized gold card and a comprehensive directory listing all participating hotels, star ratings, addresses, phone and fax numbers. 

When you have choosen a hotel from our web page or hotel directory you can call, fax or email the hotel asking for a Hotel Express booking. You must identify yourself as a member when contacting the hotel. The up to 50% discount will apply subject to availabiliy. Please ask for a confirmation of price from the hotel. Alternatively you can contact your local Hotel Express office for assitance. Some hotels can only be reserved online and some only with pre payment. This will be indicated on our web page.

Special condition may occur.

Are you ready to purchase your membership now? If you still want more information you can read testimonials from other members, or you can read about your security when you order through our web site or read our terms and conditions.

Enjoy your travels...
and your savings!

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