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October 2003 
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Dear Yngvar,

Travelling a lot? Do you listen to your body? In this newsletter we have included a couple of tips that can make your trips a little easier on you body. Also, have you ever tried making your hotel reservation through You can just go on the web and fill out the booking form. Read more below >>

In this issue
Hotel Reservation through
Last month, some of our national offices achieved a new record in numbers of hotel reservations. Even though September is a month full of fairs and fully booked hotels several of our booking offices were successful in close to 80 % of their reservations.

Yearly average on successful hotel bookings from some of our local offices are over 80%. Hotels and their staff recognize our logos from faxes arriving in their booking offices and do their best to accommodate us as long as possible.

As probably many of you know, hotel reservations can be made through your local HEI office - you can call or go on the web and fill out our booking form. If you haven't tried our Internet booking form yet you can do so by following these simple steps:

2.Click on Our Hotels (menu on your left side)
3.Search for preferred hotel
4.Click on the booking icon for the chosen hotel to enter the secure booking form and complete it.

Please be aware that the booking is not online, but will be handled by you local office as soon as possible. You will be contacted by fax, phone or e- mail as soon as we have heard from the hotel.

Sounds easy? Well it is. Please note though that we accept only actual bookings - for price inquires please call your local office.

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Health and travel
Travel a lot? Eat on the run and figure you'll get back to normal routine when you get back from yet another business trip? Here are a couple of tips that can make your business or pleasure trips a little easier on your body.

First and foremost - drink plenty of water! Philip L. Goglia, founder of Performance Fitness Concepts in Santa Monica suggests in NY Times that you should start drinking water the day before your travel starts. "Both stress and airplane cabins worsen dehydration, which can cause dry eyes and headaches."

Don't skip a healthy breakfast; starting your day with an empty tummy doesn't get your energy kicking. "Most of my clients could care less about taking care of their health while travelling, but when they realise they are compromising their capability to do business, they sit up and pay attention", says nutritionist, Toni Bloom.

Travel Fitness & Feel Better, Perform Better on the Road by Rebecca Johnson and Bill Tulin include some of the following travel tips in their book:

Order yourself a daytime arrival, especially on long flights. Once you get, there drag yourself outside and do something active in the daylight, this way you can recover from yet lag much quicker. While on the plane, you should walk the length of the plane every hour or so to keep your blood circulating as well as your back happy. Another idea is to book an emergency exit where you can enjoy a roomier seat, unless you travel first or business class.

Getting sleep while away from home can also be a problem for some. A couple of ideas can be to avoid watching TV or checking you email before you go to bed as well as hiding the hotel clock. When you realise you'll only get a couple of hours sleep before the next day starts many won't get any sleep at all especially when you open your eyes every five minutes or so to check if it's soon time to get up.

I guess a good conclusion can be; listen to your body and take good care of yourself!

Hotel of the week: Radisson SAS Daugava - Latvia

Radisson SAS Daugava is conveniently located on the bank of the Daugava River with a breathtaking view of Riga's Old Town. 

Opened in July 1995, the hotel brings new standards of service and security to a city at the forefront of the Baltic revival. The hotel offers 361 fully equipped rooms, including Business Class and suites and non smoking rooms and rooms for disabled.

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New Member Hotels
This month we have 26 new hotels in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, El Salvador, Ghana, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Nicaragua, Norway, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and USA.

For more details... »

Greetings from HEI Iceland
Are you aware that HEI Iceland has made three really good contracts for "added value" programs to all HEI members travelling in Iceland. To speed up the process and secure the discounts available for each program HEI Iceland is now forwarding to you the following information:

Flugfélag Íslands (IcelandAir) for domestic flights on all routes in Iceland ( will give you 50% discount from full price. Please ask for terms provided in booking code TR7.

Íslandsflug for domestic flights on all routes in Iceland (
eng/index.html) will give you 50% discount from full price. Please ask for terms provided in booking code KEXPRESS.

Hertz Iceland - car rental. They will give you fixed 50% discount on all types of cars from full day rate, including 100 km per day, CDW and tax ( Please ask for terms provided in booking code HOT-EX.

We hope these benefits will make your trip in Iceland less expensive. We also would like to urge you to take advantage of our hotels in Iceland. We are proud to inform that in the recent week, three new hotels have joined the HEI program, just waiting to serve you during your next stay in Iceland! If we may be of any assistance please contact us.

Regards from all staff at HEI Iceland

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