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15% discount on car rentals in Bulgaria.

TRANS TOUR BG is an ambitious new car rental company. We offer a diverse range of vehicles to satisfy all needs of the market for rental cars. Company policy is built on this to provide the best possible cars at the lowest possible prices to customer needs.

We have small economical city cars that will provide the necessary comfort in city traffic easily find parking and low coast of fuel. We have cars from the middle class, also with fuel efficient comfortable for both urban and for longer trips across the country. For your business travel offer comfortable luxury car of higher class. To successfully develop the business we offer cargo and passenger vans at bargain prices.

If you are planning a business trip or vacation in Bulgaria, our service car rental will provide necessary convenience of movement throughout the country.

The cars we offer are in perfect technical condition, paid all insurance and travel fees.

If you have never used our services, now is the time to take advantage.

To rent a car send a reservation request to including car description and a valid Hotel Express International membership card.

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