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HEI Online is our new booking website, giving you the possibility to choose between over 100 000 hotels spread across the world with instant prepaid bookings. On average the hotel-prices on this booking website are 20% cheaper then prices you find on other publicly available booking web sites.

All Hotel Express members get free access to our new booking engine HEIOnline. To receive access send an email to quoting "access code HEIOnline".

To give you an even better experience and accessibility we have now released the android and iPhone app for this booking service. Download from google play or app store by searching "HEI Online
New features: book from map, see your voucher, book nearby hotel.

Full name of the app is HEI Online Hotel Reservations, click the images below to open the link directly.

Money-Saving members-only extra benefits

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Hotel of the month:
Ribe Byferie, located in Denmark
In the middle of Jylland, Denmark - close to Legoland you find Ribe Byferie, hotel apartments close to Esbjerg.

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