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Great to see you are interested in becoming a distributor. This could be the start of a new exciting business for you. Are you motivated to get into the travel business? Do you have the marketing skills, connections needed and will you make a good enough plan on how to promote our product in your country? When you have read this information feel free to contact us using the below form without any obligations. Continue reading and you will also find your free login to test Hotel Express Online and a 10 euro voucher.

Company background
Hotel Express International was founded in 1987 in USA. In 1997 the Scandinavian distributor bought the worldwide rights and moved the Head Office to Norway. In 2013 we started with the product Hotel Express Online and in 2017 with product Hotel Express Gift Cards.

What we search for:
We are searching for highly motivated individuals or companies who have a background in marketing and sales. You need to know how to promote and sell a product. How to find good sales people and help them become successful. Background from the travel industry is a plus but not a necessity.

Product categories
Hotel Express has 3 different products.

Hotel Express Membership Cards

Hotel Express member cards has been sold since 1987, and is a 1-year membership card with a printed hotel directory giving access to our own 10 000 contracted hotels + Hotel Express Online. The target group is small companies. Annual membership fee varies from 149-280 USD. The majority of our own contracted hotels have a higher discount then Hotel Express Online.

Hotel Express Online

Hotel Express Online is a password protected online booking website. Prices are in average 20% cheaper than the biggest booking websites under same conditions. Hotel Express Online also gives discounts on car rental, airport lounges, flights, resorts and other benefits. Normally a client with a large member group offers access free of charge to their members/clients. We offer branded white label sites and apps for the customers. The main target group is companies with 100,000 or more clients. This will be companies like newspapers, insurance companies, sports clubs, member organizations, work organizations, banks and others. These companies give their clients, not their staff, access to Hotel Express Online. Our income is generated from commission on bookings made in the system, but access to the system can also be sold. See for more info.

Hotel Express Gift Cards

Hotel Express Gift Cards is part of Hotel Express Online. With a special gift card, the end user can get a fixed discount, for example 50 Euro off, on all hotels. This can be sold and used as giveaways for company’s promotional campaigns or sold through gift card companies. It is a very interesting and profitable product to work with.

Contract type and cost
There are 3 ways to start up with Hotel Express International.

  1. As an exclusive distributor for membership cards and partial exclusive for Hotel Express Online/Gift Cards. With this contract type we will not sign other distributors in your country, and you get better conditions and support from the head office. There will be a sign on fee and minimum demands (how many memberships you need to order each month).
  2. You can also get Non-exclusive rights for all 3 products. Orders for Hotel Express member cards are then set at minimum 40 memberships at 30 Euro each + shipment cost.
  3. It is also possible to start up with Hotel Express Online and Hotel Express Gift Cards only. This does not require any start-up fee! However, there is an approval process, under which we will ask for a CV/company info and a brief sales plan.

Free gift
If you choose not to take on a distributorship at this time, we still want to give you free access to Hotel Express Online as a thank you for your time and interest. By using the gift code gift10eur you will get an additional EUR 10 discount to our already low prices. We hope you will use Hotel Express Online for your own travel and save money on your next hotel stays! To sign up fill in the form from the website below:

For future logins you can use the following address:

If you are not interested yourself but know a person/company who might be, please feel free to share this info.

Distributor request
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