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We have more than 10 000 hotels in over 140 countries worldwide.

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Hotel Express proudly announces the new partnership with Sixt rent a car.

Sixt rent a car offers Hotel Express International members a discount of up to 20% off their web rates in 103 countries at over 4.000 locations.

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Hotel Express International is excited to unveil our newest partnership with the Choice family brand of Hotels around the world. With this new partnership, members can enjoy up to a 21% discount off their best available unrestricted rates.
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Hotel of the Month
Park Hotel Lovran, Croatia

If you are looking for a special hotel with a warm welcoming atmosphere, why not make Lovran your next destination and book your stay at Park Hotel Lovran.
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Latest partner hotels
Take a look at a selection of the latest hotels in the Hotel Express family.

- Prince Hotel, Khartoum
- Alahlam Hotel (dreams Hotel), Khartoum
- La Lune Palace Hotel Apartments, Khartoum
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