February 2010
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In this edition we would like to draw your attention to Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa - a beautiful 5* hotel which recently joined Hotel Express. We are also happy to announce the opening of 2 new Hotel Express offices. Read more below >>


New offices

Hotel Express International is proud to announce the launch of 2 new offices covering the territories of Malawi and South Korea.

The new agents will assist members in their countries with reservations for travels abroad as well as answer any questions their members and member hotels may have.

Contact details for the office in Malawi are as follows:

Lyto Holdings
Gatward House, Masauko Chipembere High Way (Opposite The Polytechnic)
P O Box 1566

Tel. + 265 1 879 989
FAx + 265 1 879 989
E-mail: hotelexpressmw@gmail.com

Contact details for the office in South Korea are as follows:

Hotel Express International
803 Yeoksam Heights Bldg.
642-19 Yeoksam Dong
Kangnam Gu, Seoul
South Korea

Tel. + 82 2 6284 6003
Fax + 82 2 6284 6004
E-mail: heikorea@gmail.com




Hotel of the month, Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa

Eagles Palace S.L.H. is a luxurious (5 star) resort hotel of 100 rooms and 60 suites and bungalows - several of the suites having private pools...


Special offer for accommodation in South Africa

In addition to our regular hotel offer in South Africa we are happy to present to you the following offer from Anytime Holidays.


New member hotels

This month we have 38 new hotels in the following countries:

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, India, Norway, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, Sweden and Vietnam


Hotel Express International

Phone: +47 380 70177