July 2011
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In this edition we bring you 7 new member hotels and this month we present you with a new extra benefit from Roam4Less.

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Roam4less International Travel Phone service
All Hotel Express members will receive a 15% discount on products purchased (Phones & SIM cards)

Roam4Less is North America's premier provider of International Travel Phone service. The Product line includes Phones and SIM Cards with coverage (cell phone service) in over 200 countries around the world.

The Roam4Less World Travel Phone is a solution that will reduce international roaming fees for travelers by up to 90%. Regular cell phone providers may not even have the capabilities to supply voice coverage to many destinations. Even if they do, the roaming charges are still quite astronomical..

For business or pleasure, the Roam4Less World Travel Phone is the sensible choice when communicating from abroad. With low cost-of-entry and no contracts or monthly fees, the Roam4Less World Phone is the economical choice for even the occasional world traveller. Roam4Less is an add on service that is used only when traveling abroad. There is no need to cancel any current contract with domestic providers. You simply use the Roam4Less service while away and experience tremendous savings.

Roam4LessTM offers a 60-day complimentary pilot program for Corporate Accounts. Each pilot includes the World Phone Service and SIM cards, along with a designated account manager to assist and monitor the account. The Phone/SIM Card is open-ended so travelers can use exactly the air time needed. At the end of the pilot program, each account will receive a cost savings report that shows actual savings based on the minutes used on the Roam4LessTM International Phone service in comparison to the international roaming rates of your current carrier(s).

*Example of savings:
Destination Airtime AT&T World Verizon World T-Mobile Roam4Less
Australia 100 minutes $144.00 $110.00 $188.00 $34.00
France 100 minutes $110.00 $110.00 $144.00 $34.00
Hong Kong 100 minutes $221.00 $221.00 $255.00 $34.00
Portugal 100 minutes $188.00 $110.00 $221.00 $65.00
Singapore 100 minutes $221.00 $255.00 $255.00 $34.00
South Africa 100 minutes $188.00 $188.00 $277.00 $65.00

Hotel of the Month - Lafodia Hotel, Lopud, Croatia

Welcome to Lafodia Hotel! Far from the city's bustle, surrounded by sea and palm trees, Hotel Lafodia is the perfect place if you're looking for relaxation in an exclusive location. This four stars hotel has become a byword for peaceful holidays amongst the clear waters that surround the Lopud Island which is better known as "The Island in the middle".

New member hotels

This month we have 7 new hotels in the following countries:

Brazil, Poland, Portugal, South Africa and Sweden.

2011 Travellers' Choice Destination Award
Top marks for Cape Town

2011 Travellers' Choice Destination Awards, honouring the top destinations in the world have been unveiled.

Unlike any other awards, Travellers' Choice awards are based on the experiences of millions of travellers from around the world.

Here we bring you a list of the top 5 destinations in the world and a view of some of the Hotel Express International member hotels we have in these areas, to give you some travel ideas.

# 1 Cape Town

Click here for list of member hotels in Cape Town

# 2 Sydney

Click here for list of member hotels in Sydney

# 3 Peru

Click here for list of member hotels in Peru

# 4 Paris

Click here for list of member hotels in Paris

# 5 Rio De Janerio

Click here for list of member hotels in Rio De Janerio

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